appartment building on the spui

30 houses

The buildings along the Spui in The Hague nowadays are displaying large differences in scale, ranging from 2 stories to over 14. For an apartment building here where now are the three smallest buildings we are designing an apartment building for some 30 apartments. The ground floor houses a bar with dancing.
The aim of the client was to realise as much exploitable volume as possible. The envelope was however not very clearly defined, and the local government unable to set clear parameters. This led to a somewhat difficult process in which many we designed many different variations.
For this project I consulted with the client, advisors and local governments. I designed and drafted the floor plans, sections and facades. I made daylight-admission calculations to be able to asses at an early stage the feasability of the design, as well as designing details to enlighten and convince involved parties.

295_gevel_spui_a.jpg 295-orsay-clock.jpg 295-plg-bg.jpg 295_gevel_spui_b.jpg 295_gevel_spui-1.jpg 295-plg-1.jpg 295-plg-6.jpg 295_gevel_spui_2.jpg 295_gevel_spui_4.jpg 295-plg-7.jpg