schuytgraaf 1

25 houses

This plan consists of 105 houses and appartements for two clients:
Part one: 25 houses for AM Wonen
Part two: 16 appartments for AM Wonen
Part three: 49 houses for PVR
Part four: 18 appartments for PVR
Part five: materialisation and details

from our website at []:
"The 'Schuytgraaf' is a large extension of the city of Arnhem, consisting of different neighbourhoods separated by parkstrips. 'Field 25' has built on the theme of a small fortified city. The rectangular streetplan becomes more dense toward the centre, where it opens itself towards two spaces: one being a green courtyard, the other a square.
The houses are separated from the streets by a private pavement. The cars are parked in so-called 'parking-boxes' inside the buildingblocks. Special attention has been given to the entrances of those; by realising an non-symetrical solution with adapted building types we designed a small and informal entrance to these 'parking-boxes'.
The houses along the square consist of stacked appartments. We made an extra effort to pay attention to the design of the differences in scale between the different types of houses and the application of traditional design methods in presentday building conditions and typology."

I was responsable for all the phases of this work, from prelimininary design to working drawings. I have done the larger part of the design and produced most of the drawings. Independently I participated in meetings with clients, contractors, architects, local governments, suppliers and other involved parties.

Besides the appartments there are 7 building types (each in different variations) built by different contractors using different working methods, resulting in different details. The houses in field 25 are distrubuted among three architects' offices working for two clients, including scala in a way to exclude any repetition of more then 4 of the same. Therefore the 7 building types have been subdivided into more variations and materialisations and colors.

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