nieuw terbregge in rotterdam

124 houses

'Nieuw Terbregge' is a newly built neighbourhood between the river 'de Rotte' and the highway E19 between Rotterdam and Gouda.

'Nieuw Terbregge' is the first project I did with scala architects. It was my job to set up and produce the contract drawings, working drawings. Furthermore I represented the office during the meetings on location with the contractor and client.

It is a so-called Thermal Project from the European community, which meant that additional measures were taken concerning design, execution and management.

The houses along the main road are built in brick, the houses along the perpendicular lanes are executed in Eternit Sidings in the colours beige, darkbrown en swedish red. The latter also have a slightly elevated veranda.

203_0770.jpg 203_0764.jpg 203_02.jpg 203_0514.jpg 203_0874.jpg 203_03.jpg 203_04.jpg 203_situ.jpg 203_gevel.jpg 203map.jpg