lane of human rights

18 houses

De 'Laan van de Mensenrechten' (Lane of Human Rights) was a competition for the city of the Hague. At very short notice we designed a plan based on the so-called 'The Hague School' from the 1930's

Translating the text from the scala website: "This plan has verandas along the street, creating a sheltered space in the sun in front of the house. A double house on the corner indicates the side street. Along the entrance to the backyard we proposed a round extension to the last house. The inhabitants can park their cars in either a carport, or a garage."

I participated in the design process of this competition, and also produced the visualisations.

We won this competition, and the houses were built.

307-cam1-real.jpg 307-camc-real.jpg 307-camc-ai.jpg 307-cam1-ai.jpg 307-1.jpg 307-camb-real.jpg 307-camb-ai.jpg 307-2.jpg