easa Karlskrona

The European Architecture Students Assemblies are held annually in the summer during the first two weeks of august. The 1990 assembly was in jeopardy when in october 1989 it was found out that the initial organising team had not met its responsabilities. At short notice an international organising team of 4 members, consisting of Per-Michael Sandström from Sweden, Jens Møller from Denmark, Ole Christensen from Norway and myself representing the Netherlands was set up to find a location and organise the assembly.
An abandoned naval base in the swedish town of Karlskrona was found as a location. My responsability was the recruitment of architecture students from all the countries in Europe, and the managment of the so called info-desk during the assembly. Thanks to the cahnges in Eastern Europe, the 1990 assembly was the first to include members from all the European countries, from Albania to Iceland, and Portugal to Finland.

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