curriculum vitae

Architect, engineer, project supervisor, skilled draughtsman, visualisor.


architect, project supervisor, designer, draughtsman

BAUWERK architects, Barcelona
architect, project supervisor, designer, draughtsman

SCALA architects, The Hague
architect, project supervisor, designer, draughtsman

I was involved with all the phases activities of the work, from preliminary design to final execution. Independently I negotiated with clients, construction companies, local authorities, suppliers and other parties involved in the building process. Additionally I was responsible for designing and maintaining the company website and the description and maintenance of the drawing standards and libraries (using the drafting program Vectorworks). I am capable of designing and drawing at all scale levels, of presenting these ideas with drawings, illustrations and lay-out, and of continuing this process until completion. In 2003 I was invited to become a partner in the partnership. Unfortunately this was not compatible with my plan to eventually move to Spain.

Atelier Bouwkunde Amsterdam & Rotterdam
draughtsman, IT & application manager

I was involved with the setting up of a new office of the company ‘Atelier Bouwkunde’. My responsibilities included the setting-up of computers and office infrastructure. After that I was charged with the production of drawings and the instruction of newly hired personnel.

More Stage Services The Hague
theatre technician

As a theatre technician I travelled along with several shows to over 100 theaters in the Netherlands as well as Belgium and Germany. I was responsible for operating the sound and light equipment during the performances. Furthermore I supervised the assisting theatre technicians belonging to the theatre, and I was responsible for the transport and logistics of the decor and equipment and the assistance of the artists.

Studies at the Delft Institute of Technology

During my studies I attended lectures and workshops of many well-known architects, most notably Rem Koolhaas (OMA), Winnie Maas (MVRDV), Herman Hertzberger and Aldo van Eyck. My internship I did in 1998 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Engineering (master of science in architecture), Architect

I obtained my master of science in architecture degree at the Delft Institute of Technology. I am registered in the Dutch architect’s registry, and my registration at the Barcelona architect’s registry is currently in process.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

My International Baccalaureate I got from the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India. My subjects were english, biology, mathematics, french, history and chemistry. I did an additional course in physics.

I am a native speaker of Dutch and English. Furthermore I speak Spanish, Catalan, French and German.
Architectural Design
I am familiar with Dutch and European legislation of the building process. I am also familiar with both industrial, serial and traditional building methods. As a member of many design-teams I made significant contributions to the design of many projects, of which 625 houses have actually been built or are currently under construction.
I am skilled with computers and related equipment. I am acquainted and I have experience with all the current software in use in an architect’s practice. Since 1990 I have worked with AutoCAD, Vectorworks, and MicroStation. Furthermore I also feel totally at ease with the applications Adobe Photoshop, Quark XPress, MS Excel, Filemaker & Strata Studio Pro. Additionally I build both websites, databases and content management system and I also design a multitude of flyers, posters and books and such for various aquiantances and organisations.

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